PRUFlexiprotect PLUS for your family

PRUFlexiprotect PLUS

We DO protection in accordance with your choices. Ensure financial security for yourself and your loved ones in times of need.
Protect your loved ones with PRUFlexiprotect PLUS

Your Life. Your Choice.

PRUFlexiprotect PLUS is a customizable and flexible insurance plan. It allows you to choose the kind of coverage, duration period and amount of coverage that’s right for you.

Product Details

Money When You or Your Family Needs it

Sum assured of PRUFlexiprotect PLUS will immediately become available to the beneficiary/ies upon death of Insured.  This plan may be purchased for as low as 3,000,000MMK sum assured. 


Choose the Payment and Coverage Term That’s Convenient For You

You have the option to get a 10, 15 or 20 years coverage and renew it at the end of the term by simply paying the next premium due up until you hit age 65.   You may pay your premiums annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly.


Coverage Term

10 years

15 years

20 years

Payment Term

10 years

15 years

20 years

Maximum Issue Age/ Renewal Age

55 years

50 years

45 years

Maximum Coverage Age

65 years  old

65 years old

65 years old


Get Your Money Back with Interest

At the end of each coverage period, you will receive a maturity benefit which is equal to 103% of what you have paid.  This amount includes the premium payment for the base plan and the add-on benefits (if any).

Enhance your Protection Through Add-on Benefits

Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)

This benefit has its own sum assured and it will pay-out should the Insured die due to accident.


Double Indemnity Benefit (DI)

This benefit doubles the sum assured of your Accidental Death Benefit, upon death as a result of accident while being a passenger of a Mass Public Transportation. It shall consist of commercial trains (including the urban rail vehicles), buses, airlines, ships and ferries with fixed routes for fare-paying passengers.


Critical Illness Benefit

This benefit ensures there is financial support for treatment should Insured be diagnosed with any of the 20 critical illness covered by this product. Early Stage diagnosis will advance 25% of the sum assured of this benefit. Late Stage diagnosis pays 100% of this benefit’s sum assured or remaining 75% should Early Stage claim has already been made.


Early Stage Critical Illness

Late Stage Critical Illness

1. Early Stage Cancer – carcinoma in situ and other early cancers of specified organs

1. Major Cancer

2. Insertion of a permanent cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator

2. Heart Attack of Specified Severity

 3. Coronary Angioplasty 3. Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery 
 4. Carotid Artery Surgery 4. Stoke with Permanent Neurological Deficit
 5. Cerebral Aneurysm Surgery 5. End Stage Liver Failure
 6. Partial surgical removal of the liver 6. End Stage Lung Disease
 7. Surgical removal of one Lung 7. Kidney Failure
 8. Surgical removal of one kidney 8. Open Chest Surgery to Aorta
 9. Minimally invasive surgery to aorta 9. Open Chest Heart Valve Surgery
 10. Small Bowel Transplant 10. Major Organ Transplant

Please note: For full definition and explanation of the above diseases, please ask your Prudential Sales Representative.


Enjoy Tax Relief with PRUFlexiprotect PLUS

Your premium payments towards this product may be tax deductible. This can reduce your annual personal income tax which makes your premium payments more affordable.  Our PRUTax Calculator provides estimate on the deductible amount you could potentially enjoy.  We still recommend that you seek professional advice on how to apply insurance premiums as an annual tax deductible.


Note: Please check here for claim guidelines.

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