2023 Prudential's Milestones

Prudential helps every human being to possess the best things in the world. We strive to make healthcare services affordable and accessible for anyone while protecting and growing our customer’s wealth. Moreover, Prudential empowers customers to save for their life goals by promoting financial inclusion and offering financial security.

Prudential Myanmar is committed to helping individuals preserve and grow their wealth, while also encouraging them to save for their life goals. In addition, Prudential plc catered our comprehensive life insurance and health insurance services, along with asset management services to 18.3 million customers across Asia and Africa.

Prudential is headquartered in London and Hong Kong, and we have a global presence with (34) life businesses across (24) markets, served by more than (100,000) Agents, as well as (190) bank partners and (27,000) branches.

The main purpose of Prudential Myanmar is to help people get the most out of life by providing affordable and accessible healthcare and financial services to everyone. Prudential Myanmar understands the unique needs of our customers and we are committed to providing high-quality services that cater to their requirements whether it’s life insurance, health insurance or asset management. Our solutions are designed to help the customers achieve their financial aspirations.

 The principles we apply at Prudential Myanmar helps us not only in serving our customers, but also in our collaborative approach with many businesses. We put customers first, act with integrity, embrace a growth mindset and invest in all our communities. And of course, we take the long view, and our customer-centric approach is reflected in everything we do.

Our values are ambitious, curious, empathetic, courageous and nimble – are the common beliefs that drive everything that we do, as individuals and as an organization. The following values shape our team spirit and guide on decision-making, helping us to deliver high-quality services for our customers.

AMBITIOUS: Our business is competitive. We push ourselves and each other to greatness, but not at all costs. Being a team player and doing the right thing comes first.

CURIOUS: The world is changing faster than ever. No one has all the answers. We are humble and always listen and seek to learn and understand. EMPATHETIC: There’s an age-old wisdom in walking a mile in another’s shoes. We do that every day, whether it’s with customers or colleagues.

COURAGEOUS: Prudential’s success and culture belongs to all of us – it’s our shared legacy. We build it together, bring our full selves to work, and speak truth to power.

NIMBLE: Being agile and adaptive is trending. We approach our work iteratively, with carefully-designed experiments that help us fail fast and fail forward.

The following strategies comprises three key themes that drive our success:

  • Delivering profitable growth and social impact: Prudential Myanmar is committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve while delivering exceptional services and innovative solutions to our customers.
  • Digitalising products, services and experiences; By digitizing our products and services, we aim to make our services more accessible, efficient and convenient for our customers.
  • Humanizing our company and advice channels: Prudential aims to make the company's communication channels more reliable, relatable and empathetic to customers. This factor improves our customer service interactions, provides more personalized advice and guidance and it creates more human connection with customers.

These drivers will help us achieve our long term business aspirations including growing the value of our business for shareholders, developing capacity to serve 50 million customers by 2025, and ensuring the assets we hold on behalf of our insurance companies are ‘net zero’ by 2050. Know more about Prudential Myanmar, click here.