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We DO customized protection for a group of people. Experience tailored coverage for your team.
Customized Coverage for Employees

Attract. Retain. Secure.

PRUFlexiprotect1 is a group insurance coverage. The Members of this group insurance may be employees of an organization, Members of a society or a cooperative. This requires a minimum of five Members.

Product Details

  • 1-year term product
  • Easy to renew up to age 65
  • Cash benefit that is paid one-time in the event of natural death, accidental death and/or critical illness
  • Option for uninterrupted coverage with the convertibility feature
  • Provides Financial Security: PRUFlexiprotect1 ensures that beneficiaries of the Member will be cushioned from the devastation caused by disruption of income  should death occur.  Members may be covered for as low as 50,000 MMK.  For employer-employee accounts, providing this benefit cements the care of the company to its employees and is seen as vital element in attracting and retaining talent. 
  • Option for Uninterrupted Protection: Members of PRUFlexiprotect1 coverage have the option to convert to PRUFlexiprotect PLUS or any existing permanent plan without proof of good health.  They can avail of this option at the time of leaving their employment or organization or before age 60 whichever comes first.

Enhance the Protection of your Members with Add-on Benefits

Accidental Death Benefit

This benefit has its own sum assured and it will pay-out should the Member die due to accident.


Double Indemnity Benefit

This benefit doubles the sum assured of your Accidental Death Benefit, should death occur as a result of accident while being a passenger of a Mass Public Transportation. It shall consist of commercial trains (including the urban rail vehicles), buses, airlines, ships and ferries with fixed routes for fare-paying passengers.


Critical Illness Benefit

This benefit ensures there is money for treatment should Member be diagnosed with any of the 20 critical illnesses covered by this product. 25% of the sum assured, whichever is lower, becomes available if the Member is diagnosed by a licensed Physician to have any of the following Early Stage Critical Illnesses:   Late Stage diagnosis pays 100% of this benefit’s sum assured or remaining 75% should Early Stage claim has already been made.


Early Stage Critical Illness

Late Stage Critical Illness

1. Early Stage Cancer – carcinoma in situ and other early cancers of specified organs

1. Major Cancer

2. Insertion of a permanent cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator

2. Heart Attack of Specified Severity

 3. Coronary Angioplasty 3. Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery 
 4. Carotid Artery Surgery 4. Stoke with Permanent Neurological Deficit
 5. Cerebral Aneurysm Surgery 5. End Stage Liver Failure
 6. Partial surgical removal of the liver 6. End Stage Lung Disease
 7. Surgical removal of one Lung 7. Kidney Failure
 8. Surgical removal of one kidney 8. Open Chest Surgery to Aorta
 9. Minimally invasive surgery to aorta 9. Open Chest Heart Valve Surgery
 10. Small Bowel Transplant 10. Major Organ Transplant

Please note: For full definition and explanation of the above diseases, please ask your Prudential Sales Representative.


Note: Please check here for claim guidelines.

PRUFlexiprotect Series Claim Request Form

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