Prudential Invites People Across Myanmar to Celebrate Their Family Stories Through a Digital Famvatar Experience

Yangon, Myanmar, 4 July 2022 – Prudential Myanmar Life Insurance Limited (Prudential Myanmar) has introduced a campaign, “Made for Every Family,” which highlights solutions designed for diverse types of families, including nuclear, extended, cohabiting, or adoptive. Designed to celebrate the joy and love for their families, Prudential Myanmar is inviting people across Myanmar to participate in creating their very own family avatars, also known as the ‘famvatar’ at


The campaign aims to show that every family is special and deserves accessible health and protection insurance solutions that serve their needs regardless of their makeup. Many of Prudential’s markets across Asia have now expanded insurance coverage to protect more diverse family types.


“We recognise that families are important societal units in our cultures, and we want to make it easier for more people in Myanmar to access insurance by offering financially inclusive solutions. Therefore, this initiative underscores Prudential’s commitment to protecting diverse families including single parents or adopted children across Myanmar,” stated Mr Wilson Ma, Acting CEO of Prudential Myanmar.


Famvatar Digital Experience

Famvatar is a digital experience created by Prudential that lets people build a group avatar starring their families or loved ones. The Famvatar Stickers can be downloaded for use as fun-filled chat stickers and for sharing on social media platforms.


“As we embrace family values, the Famvatar platform provides a fun and interactive way for everyone to share the joy and love for their families. Visit the Prudential Myanmar website, create Famvatar Stickers using photos of your family and loved ones, and share it with your family instantaneously on social media or chat applications to express your love for them,” added Mr Wilson Ma.


From 1 July to 26 August 2022, Prudential Myanmar will be offering prizes to participants who create and download stickers from, then post them on their Facebook profiles with a story caption of how they spend quality time with their families. The story caption should be based on either of the following two themes:


Theme 1: How participants are helping to build a brighter future for children.


Theme 2: How participants are engaging in health and wellness activities with their families.


To be eligible for the prizes, participants should ensure that they unlock the ‘bonus stickers’ feature when creating their Famvatar Stickers and that their specific Famvatar Facebook posts are set to public.



Bi-weekly prizes, such as travel bags, will be given to winners selected at random. Grand prize winners selected by the Prudential Myanmar team, and People’s Choice winners, determined based on the Facebook posts with the most engagements, will receive electronics such as a microwave, air fryer, Android tablet or smart TV.


For more information about the Famvatar activity, visit the Prudential Myanmar Facebook page:  For assistance to participate in the Famvatar activity and for enquiries, participants can contact the Prudential Myanmar Customer Service hotline: 09 770 110010 or send a message on Messenger via the Prudential Myanmar Facebook page.


In Myanmar, Prudential offers a series of health and wealth solutions to help people get the most out of life. PRUHealth is a health insurance solution that protects loss of income due to death and/or medical emergency. This solution also offers a bundle of holistic wellness benefits to help customers improve their nutrition and fitness to prevent illnesses so they can enjoy better quality time with their families.


Prudential Myanmar also offers PRUScholar, a flexible child education insurance savings plan which helps parents save for their child’s future education costs.


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