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Non Emergency Treatment at Panel Clinic/Hospitals

Emergency Treatment at Panel Clinic/Hospital

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Required Documents List for claims submission

  1. Policy Number (Policy certificate copy or E-card copy)
  2. Claimant information
    1. Full Name
    2. Phone number
    3. Full Address
  3. Event detail description – letter or email
  4. Claimant NRC photo – front side is enough
  5. Medical record OR doctor recommendation letter
  6. Bank account detail
    1. Account holder name
    2. Account number
    3. Bank name
    4. Branch name 
    5. (or in case of e-wallet payment)
      1. E-Wallet type name
      2. Wallet holder Name
  7. Proof of relationship (only in death and Total and Permanent Disability claims)
    1. local authority letter ရပ်ကွက်/ကျေးရွာလူကြီးထောက်ခံချက် OR Household Statement ပုံစံ(၁၀)/သန်းခေါင်စာရင်း
  8. Death certificate (only in death claims - ဖွား/သေ ပုံစံ(၂၀၃)
  9. Police letter (only for police case)
  10. Guardianship proof (only if beneficiary of the policy is minor or if beneficiary has a legal guardian)
  11. Invoice or receipt (only for surgery related claims)


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Tel: +95 9952108822


Address: Room 16-09, Office Tower 2, Times City Hanthawaddy Road, Kamayut Township, 11041, Yangon