Our Brand

Prudential listens to and understands the hopes and dreams of customers. Through our market-leading distribution platform, we provide protection and savings products that bring financial security to the Myanmar people and long-term benefits to the Myanmar community.


Our Mission

Life insurance for everyone, everywhere at a click


Our Vision

Protecting the health and growing the wealth of families and communities


The Face of Prudence

Prudential listens to and understands the hopes and dreams of millions of customers around the world.

Our Prudence logo embodies this philosophy. Gazing in her mirror, she sees the world and herself as they really are. She is also a reminder that, in our increasingly faceless world, we are a company with a personality and a heart.

Our ability and desire to listen and understand is central to who we are, enabling us to anticipate and provide the products and services that meet the needs of everyone, everywhere.

About Prudence

Prudence has been the public face of Prudential since 1848 when her image was used for the company seal.

Prudence is one of the four cardinal virtues; Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance. Since Greek and Roman times Prudence has been personified as a woman holding a serpent and a mirror. She may also be shown with compasses, representing her measured judgment, a book or a spindle.

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