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Prevent and Protect with PRUHealth

Introducing PRUHealth, a first-of-its-kind, all-in-one health solution which offers "Prevent and Protect" benefits to support a better, healthier you.

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Presenting PRUHealth

Your All-In-One Health Solution
Cashless Claims
Our cashless claims process is fast and easy and when you use one of our partner clinics, there is no need for you to pay medical costs upfront.
Flexible Health Insurance Solution
PRUHealth offers you the flexibility to choose from four coverage plans with different premium options. This ensures you have the right coverage to protect yourself and your family from health and financial risks.
Get Telemedicine Consultations
PRUHealth gives you access to telemedicine consultations with certified healthcare experts from our partner Pun Hlaing Hospitals.
Get Fitness and Nutrition Consultations
PRUHealth gives you access to fitness and nutrition consultations with certified experts from our partner organisations.

Choose the plan that meets your goals

Nutrition and Fitness Session will be provided by top experts selected by Prudential Myanmar.

The above offer is only valid along with new PRUHealth policies issued on 24 June to 30 September, and benefits will be valid over the respective policy term. The additional 'preventive' benefits are only valid for fully loaded packages i.e. mandatory purchase of optional coverage 1 and 2 equal to the base units (e.g. Diamond package will mean 10 units of base along with 10 units of Optional 1 and Optional 2 benefits).

Package Rate

Age Band 



(In Kyats)


(In Kyats)


(In Kyats)


(In Kyats)

6 - 30  108,900 181,500 290,400 363,000
31 - 40 118,800 198,000 316,800 396,000
41 - 50 128,700 214,500 343,200 429,000
51 - 60 161,700 269,600 431,200 539,000

61 - 75 


260,700 434,500 695,200 869,000

The amounts shown in the table reflect the annual premium payable at the beginning of the policy. The annual premium includes death payout, daily hospital stay payout, surgical payout, miscarriage payout and day patient payout.


  • PRUHealth may be purchased in Annual mode only. 
  • Please note that Pulse by Prudential, a mobile app is free for anyone to download and use, while PRUHealth is a paid product. PRUHealth is an insurance plan under this Bundle. It is a one-year term policy and non-guaranteed renewable with specified exclusions on benefits. The additional value-added services are free for a limited period and do not alter or affect the policy contract under the PRUHealth plan. For more details, please call us at 09 770 110 010 or email us at You should satisfy yourself that this policy is will best serve your needs and that the payment payable under this plan is an amount you can afford. Prudential Myanmar reserve the right to change any terms and conditions of this free benefit without issuing further notices. In the event of any dispute, we shall have the absolute discretion to make the final decision. Furthermore, Prudential Myanmar is not responsible or legally liable for any advice, suggestion, or service provided by our strategic partners such as Pun Hlaing Hospitals or Top Experts you have chosen for consultations, private or group sessions under this Campaign.

Keeping you protected

at all times

Free COVID-19 protection

We’re in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak together. And, we know it’s important to keep you protected from the unpredictable consequences the outbreak causes.

The free COVID19 benefits are available to PMLI clients.

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