Terms and Conditions

Prudential Myanmar advocates that the path to a well-balanced and protected life starts from having healthy habits. Healthy habits can be as simple as ensuring we move every day, we have ample sleep every night, we consume water every day and more. Habits are formed by doing a task consistently and persistently. Step-Up Wrapper is Prudential Myanmar’s way of helping the Burmese people to create that habit of making those essential steps everyday as a foundation to Heathy Habits.



  1. “Company” referred here is Prudential Myanmar Life Insurance Limited.
  2. “Pulse Member” means a person who has downloaded the Pulse app, completed the registration process, and has an in-force policy with the Company at the time of initial Step-up Wrapper coverage availment.
  3. “Campaign Period” is from 14 February 2023 to 31 July 2023.
  4. “Free Product Offer” refers to the Personal Accident plan. It pays the coverage amount due to Accidental death.
  5. “Covered Person” shall mean the Pulse Member who meets the eligibility requirements of the Free Product Offer.
  6. “Coverage Period” shall mean the Coverage Period which is stated in the Certificate of Cover. For policyholders who downloads Pulse within the Campaign Period, it starts on the day Pulse registration was completed and initial PRUPersonal Accident Coverage is availed. For policyholders who have downloaded the Pulse app before the Campaign Period, coverage commences within the Campaign Period when they availed the initial Step-up Wrapper Coverage. From that date, coverage runs for 1 year (365 days).
  7. “Certificate of Cover” or “COC” is a form and proof of coverage sent to a Covered Person in PRUServices portion of his/her Pulse app.
  8. “Accident or Accidental” means any unintentional, unforeseen or unexpected event which directly causes an injury.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Participants must be aged 18-65.
  2. Participants must have downloaded Pulse and completed registration in the app before or during the Campaign Period.
  3. Participants must be a Myanmar citizen or Foreign national residing in Myanmar.
  4. Participants must be in good health at the time of availment of the Free Product Offer.
  5. Participants must have an in-force policy with the Company upon availment of Free Product Offer (Initial Coverage).
  6. For cancelling the enrolment or withdrawal from the campaign, please contact Prudential Myanmar's Customer Service Hotline: 0977 0110 010. If no cancellation or withdrawal request for the contest is received, participants are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions of the campaign and the Privacy Notice of Pulse.
  7. Prudential Myanmar may, at its sole discretion change any of the terms of these T&Cs or cancel / modify the campaign any time.
  8. Decisions made by Prudential Myanmar will be final and binding in this regard. Prudential Myanmar reserves the right to contact you using email or Phone number for further engagement activities. Apple Inc. or Google LLC or Fitbit or Garmin is not a sponsor of the Step-Up Wrapper campaign nor is it involved in the Campaign in any manner.
  9. No personal details will be revealed by Prudential Myanmar to protect the privacy of participants without prior permission.
  10. If you have any question, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 0977 0110010 (Service Hours: 8:30am to 10:30pm, Monday to Friday, except weekends and holidays), or send message to Prudential Myanmar's Facebook messenger.
  11. All staff members and consultants of Prudential Myanmar Life Insurance can participate in this Campaign.
  12. Signing up and participating in this Campaign is entirely at your own risk.
  13. The participant shall follow all safety rules and instructions by relevant authorities.


Benefits Offered


Coverage Amount

Step-up Wrapper – Personal Accident Death Benefit (Initial -free coverage) For policyholders with in-force policy during Campaign Period


500,000 MMK

Step-up Wrapper – Personal Accident – Death Benefit (Additional free coverage)

  • 9,500,000MMK is the maximum coverage that can be earned
  • Earned coverage is based on steps taken
  • Must join Step-up Challenge in Pulse
  • Must make at least 3,000 steps in a day to earn additional Free Personal Accident coverage
  • Free Personal Accident Coverage may be earned based on the following:
  1. 3,000 – 4,999 allows a Pulse Member to earn 1 MMK Coverage Amount for every step taken
  2. 5,000 – 9,999 allows a Pulse user to earn 2 MMK coverage amount for every step taken
  3. 10,000 or more allows a Pulse Member to earn 5 MMK sum assured for every step taken, capped at 50,000 Coverage Amount per day

From 3,000 MMK to maximum of 9,500,000MMK


  1. A Covered Person may only own one Certificate of Cover (COC) under his/her name at one time.
  2. To avail Free Product Offer of 500,000MMK, Covered Person must go to PRUShoppe in Pulse, select Personal Accident product and go through acquisition process. No payment is required.
  3. To start earning additional coverage, a Covered Person must join Step Up Challenge. The Covered Person need to link all of his/her in force policies inside PRUServices card if they can’t view their in-force policies in it.
  4. The Benefit for Personal Accident benefit will be paid when:
  5. the Covered Person dies as the result of an Accident within the Coverage Period;
  6. the claim is raised to the Company within 3 months of date of death;
  7. The additional Coverage Amount will be based on records within Pulse and will be calculated up to the date of death. No other application (e.g., google fit, apple health, garmin connect, fitbit) will be used for calculation of number of steps. Only records of steps as per Pulse will be used.
  8. This benefit is additional to any other Sum Assured from any insurance policies or any other free campaign as applicable.
  9. The Benefit will be payable only on death and not on any partial or total disability arising from the Accident.
  10. The Personal Accident Coverage Amount shall be the sum of initial coverage plus the additional sum assured earned from walking, if any. Policyholder/Insured must avail of the initial coverage to activate the additional Coverage Amount from walking.
  11. If no Covered Person has claimed personal accident death benefit within the Coverage Period, we may, at our sole discretion, extend the Coverage Period by notifying any Covered Person of the extension.
  12. Additional discretionary benefits may be given to Covered Person in lieu of any contests relating to healthy habits or number of steps walked or any walking related challenges at the discretion of the Company.
  13. Please refer to www.prudential.com.mm for the latest updates and to access our privacy policy.
  14. Supported Wearables: Apple Health, FitBit, Garmin Connect, Google Fit, Strava, Withings
  15. Please note that your actual step-count will only be reflected on the 2nd day of joining the challenge
  16. Anti-Money Laundering: Regardless of anything to the contrary contained in this Policy, if
  17. we learn or are notified that the Policy Holder, the Life Assured or any other beneficial owner named at the application stage, nominee, beneficiary, individual or entity that is associated with this Policy (including any payor) is named on any Sanctions list, or
  18. if we or any bank or other relevant third party could be found to be in breach of Sanctions obligations as a result of taking any action under this Policy, then we may upon thirty days’ notice, terminate this Policy with immediate: and/or take any other action we may deem appropriate, including but not limited to notifying any relevant government authority, withholding any payments, freezing any monies paid to us, and transferring any such payments or monies to any relevant government authorities.
  19. We shall not be liable for any losses of whatever nature that you or anyone else may incur as a result of us taking action under this clause. This clause, and our ability to claim for any losses that we may incur arising out of the operation of this clause, shall survive any termination or expiry of this Policy.




The Death Benefit is payable only as a result of an Accident and not of any claims arising from illness or other natural causes of death. Further, the Company will not pay any benefit under this Policy for Accidental death caused directly or indirectly, wholly or partly by:

  1. any attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury whether attempted/inflicted while sane or insane; or
  2. any travelling in an aircraft other than as a pilot or a member of a crew or a fare paying passenger in a commercial aircraft licensed for passenger service on scheduled flights over established routes only; or
  3. any participation in any aerial sporting activities such as hang-gliding, ballooning, parachuting, sky-diving, bungee jumping and other such similar activities; or
  4. committing or attempting to commit a criminal offence by the Life Assured; or
  5. drugs or stimulators abuse, or their complications; or
  6. war or aggressive acts, including invasions, acts of foreign countries, enemy’s acts (whether with or without war declaration), civil wars, insurrections, revolutions, riots, interference by military authorities or usurpation; or
  7. any pre-existing condition, illness or disease of any kind or illness caused by insect bites or any infection, other than infections occurring simultaneously with and in consequence of an Accidental wound; or
  8. mental or psychiatric illness, anxiety or nervous disorders.


Making a Claim

There are two ways to file a claim. It can be done via:

Online in the Pulse App (For beneficiary only)

Step 1: Enter PRUServices section. Select filing a death claim and fill out the online form.

Step 2: Prepare the following supporting documents and upload them:

- the original death certificate or its certified true copy;

- NRC or any other form of identification of beneficiary/nominee; and

- Certified true copy of the Final Investigation report of Police Authorities

(This is not an exhaustive list. Company may request for document/s not listed above.)

Step 3: Click submit.

Directly with Company

Step 1: Fill up the claim form. To secure this form, visit our website go to ”Claims and Services” tab or click this link-- Claim-form-eng.pdf (prudential.com.mm).

Step 2: Prepare the documents mentioned on Step 2 of claiming via online.

Step 3: Submit the claim form together with supporting documents via your financial consultant or via an email to Customer Service Centre, claims@prudential.com.mm.

Step 4: Alternatively, you may bring your claim form and supporting documents to our head office at #15-01, 15th Floor, Sule Square, 221 Sule Pagoda Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar.



  1. To automatically view your in-force policy/ies with Prudential Myanmar, ensure that you use the same e-mail address when you applied for insurance with us and when you register in Pulse. That e-mail address must also be unique to you and no other person Insured with us has used it.
  2. To allow your beneficiary/ies to view your Step-up Wrapper policy, he/she must use same email address and mobile number you inputted in nominating them in the app and when they register to Pulse.

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